Many of us have learned from a very early age to shut down or disconnect from the feelings and issues we do not want to face. We have also grown up in a culture where we have been told that we can cure our ills with pharmaceuticals. Many have stopped taking pharmaceuticals in recent years and have turned to natural remedies. Herbal, homeopathic and other forms of natural medicine can be very effective and they address a wide range of health issues. But the old mentality of medicating our symptoms rather than addressing the underlying cause still carries over.

Svetlana is a very caring and compassionate woman. She’s not very present in her body and she experiences all kinds of erratic symptoms in her body-mind that are characteristic of someone who is holding a great deal of stress and trauma within. During our sessions, I would have Svetlana center her awareness within the feelings and physical sensations that were present in her body, but she would only stay present for about five minutes at a time before she popped out. She could never experience the full benefit of the healing sessions because she was extremely resistant to being present within her body.

Svetlana has been practicing a form of nutritional analysis for many years. She has a huge following and is often booked for months in advance. Some people follow her dietary recommendations as if they were the word of God. Svetlana is very good at determining which vitamins or minerals people are deficient in. She can often recognize other people’s suffering, but she was never really willing to deal with her own. All the vitamins and other nutritional supplements Svetlana had been taking for years had helped her to hold it together by maintaining a certain level of physical functionality, but she never really addressed the underlying source of her own physiological and psychological issues.

Svetlana would occasionally refer people to me for some time, but it was very frustrating at times. She could see that the person was anxious, depressed or traumatized, but her understanding was very limited because she had never really dealt with her own issues. She would often tell the person she referred to me that they needed to do one or two sessions, when in fact they needed at least a year or two of consistent work.

Some of Svetlana’s referrals were also very resistant to dealing with their own feelings and issues. I remember one woman who had endured a great deal of trauma as a child. I could feel all kinds of intensely chaotic energies and emotions within her physical body. The subtle bodies were severely damaged and they had a very dissonant quality about them. This woman was on an extremely strict dietary regimen and the slightest diversion would often precipitate a major health crisis.

This woman was initially enthusiastic about working with me, but became very angry afterwards because the session brought up all kinds of feelings and issues that she was not willing to face. Many people do react when their issues and emotions are brought to the surface, but they need to understand that they will never heal until they face the issues and digest the emotions that are held with their bodies.

Every year a new magical potion from the Himalayas, Amazon Rain Forrest or some other remote part of the world hits the market. Many people buy into all of the marketing hype that promises a miraculous cure for a wide range of ills. There are some really good products coming out, but we also need to keep in mind that any food or medicinal plant will lose much of its nutritional value when it is processed, packaged and stored for extended periods of time.

I use supplements, take herbal and homeopathic remedies from time to time and consume as much raw organic fruits and vegetables as possible. We all need the right blend of healing modalities working harmoniously together. Supplements and foods that are full of life can be a very important part of our healing process. It is also very important for us to understand that supplements will never resolve the deeper issues. Magical potions are not going to cure the ills that are psychosomatic in origin. They will never heal the damage we are doing to our bodies and minds when we are avoiding our feelings, issues and the realities of our lives.

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