Engaging in sports, yoga or any other form of enjoyable physical activity is an important part of healing because it helps to root us into our physical bodies. I began to train with Shifu Li Tai Liang in the Internal Martial Arts of Xin Yi Quan, Baguazhang, Tai Chi and Chi Gong in December of 2003. I started slow and gradually worked my way up. Now I’m doing hours of intensive practice on a daily basis.

Practices such as Chi Gong and Pranayama were developed in China and India thousands of years ago. These forms of internal practice help us to utilize the subtle particles of life force from the heavens and Earth to develop our minds and nourish the internal organs and systems of the body. Practitioners of the Internal fighting arts such as Xin Yi Quan, Baguazhang and Tai Chi utilize the subtle life force to greatly amplify their power and effectiveness.

Working with Chi Gong practices to build power within the dan tien has helped to awaken the consciousness in my lower abdominal region where I was holding much of the pain and trauma of my past. Bringing consciousness into these areas has made it possible for me to get in touch with and heal wounded parts of myself that I could not access before. Doing consistent Chi Gong practices also helped me to build power within the dan tien and to become much more present within my body. I started getting a lot more attention from women as that happened.

I would be receiving healing sessions at least once a month if I had access to healers like Mauricio Panisset and Brother Max, but I rarely encounter people who work at these levels. One of my Sri Lankan friends told me about the Buddhist Monk Gnanasumana Thero who is also a very powerful healer. I went to see him fourteen times in one month while I was staying in Sri Lanka. I could definitely feel that I had broken through a lot of barriers after going through the fourteen sessions. I went back and did another twelve sessions when I returned to Sri Lanka a few months later.

I go on vision quests in the spring and fall. I can feel myself processing huge amounts of stuff while I’m on the mountain and during the month afterwards, but then I’ll have to wait another five or six months to go on the next vision quest. I’m faced with all kinds of challenges on a daily basis and I’m willing take advantage of all the assistance I can get to keep me moving forward.

Yagyas (Yagnas) are an ancient Vedic healing practice that has been performed for thousands of years. They are conducted by highly trained Vedic Pandits who chant specific Sanskrit mantras which are comprised of sacred sounds that call form into manifestation. Yagyas are performed to neutralize the negative karmic patterns that create pain, suffering, obstacles and difficulties by initiating a process of divine intervention. My favorite yagya is the Maha Chandi which invokes the force of the Goddess Durga because I find it to be the most effective one for cutting through the heavy karmic baggage that creates so much pain and suffering in our lives. To learn more about yagyas I recommend going to http://www.jyotish-yagya.com/

I also know of people who have gone through tremendous change as a result of doing intensive ritual practices that involve a lot of visualization. Some also incorporate affirmations into their daily regimen. Others have had success working with mantras. The effect of the mantras is very subtle, but in many ways is like taking a homeopathic remedy. Those of us who truly want the change will find a way to make it happen. It’s important for us to be open to doing whatever works.

Training in the Internal Martial Arts, having yagyas performed for me, receiving healing sessions and going on vision quests is very expensive. Yagyas can range anywhere from three to eleven hundred dollars. Yes, that is a lot of money, but I have a Hindu Priest chanting for me about eight hours a day and I can feel a very powerful process of change taking place within me as a result. I often spend between seven and nine hundred dollars by the time I pay for the flight, rental car and accommodations when I return to Oklahoma to go on a vision quest. I pay about a hundred dollars a week to continue my training with Shifu Li Tai Liang. Healing ourselves requires a great deal of discipline and commitment. My greatest commitment is to heal, grow and realize my full potential and I’m willing to do the intensive practices, fork out the dough or do whatever else is required to make that happen.

Many westerners are so stuck in their heads because they have disconnected from their feelings and physical bodies. People often come to my classes looking for some kind of magical realization that will solve all of their relationship problems.

There is no magical realization and we are never going to think our way out of patterns of rejection, abandonment or unrequited love. Obsessively analyzing our partners will never change them. Intellectual understanding alone will not stop us from attracting and being attracted to abusive partners. We need to be doing the kinds of intensive practices that will enable us to heal the wounded parts of ourselves, awaken the consciousness within our bodies and become more present.

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