The Willingness to Do Whatever it Takes to Heal

Many people who come to my classes have spent years analyzing their partners and the many reasons their relationships are not working. Some have also read stacks of books, attended other classes and workshops and have gone through years of psychotherapy. They keep feeding more and more information into their heads hoping that’s going to alleviate their suffering and transform their lives, but that’s just not going to work. They may have come to a greater intellectual understanding of their suffering, but they are still holding a great deal of pain within their body that reinforces the same dysfunctional relationship patterns.

It’s important for you to understand that there is no magical realization and you are not going to think your way out of your dysfunctional relationship patterns. Intellectual understanding is a very important, but small part of the overall healing process. Intellectual understanding will not heal the deep emotional wounds.

There’s a huge gap in our modern western model of healing and that’s why most people who struggle with dysfunctional relationship patterns continue to suffer for the remainder of their lives. Many of you are lacking the necessary tools, resources and understanding that are necessary to facilitate the kinds of changes that are needed to attract the kind of love and companionship you truly desire. Very little will change in your life if you continue to do the same thing that you have done all along. This is why it is so important for you to go beyond what is comfortable and familiar and be willing to explore and fully embrace new approaches that are unfamiliar and sometimes very challenging.

American Indians and people from China, India, Tibet and various other ancient cultures worked with a wide range of intensive spiritual practices on a daily basis. Working with the practices I teach of breathing into your feelings and sensations will awaken the greater healing intelligence that resides within your own body and mind. The feelings and issues that emerge can be very uncomfortable at times, but the intensity will gradually diminish and you will experience a greater sense of peace and well being. These practices will help you to heal your losses and open your heart. You will also grow much stronger and become more present within your body.

I will be teaching you Chi Gong practices. I seriously recommend that you combine these practices in order to get the best results. Working with any of these practices on a consistent basis will enable you to develop a stronger connection with the higher power. You will also develop the kind of presence that will make it easier for you to attract healthier and more loving relationships.

Healing requires tremendous courage and determination. Experiencing your true feelings and facing the issues as they arise will help you to become more honest with yourself. If you are being fully honest with yourself then you realize that you do have lots of work to do. Committing to doing whatever is necessary and taking the constructive steps on a consistent basis to create the change you desire will make healing possible. Showing up for class and actually making time to work with the various practices demonstrates your commitment to doing what is necessary to facilitate your healing.

It’s also important for you to understand that the emotional wounds that have created so much difficulty in your love life run very deep. These wounds have tremendous momentum behind them because they have been reinforced by many years of repetition. You cannot completely heal all on your own. You need to be receiving deep tissue body work and working with healers such as myself. Some of you might also have yagyas conducted for you or even work up to going on a vision quest.

It’s very important for you to pace yourself. You’re not going to heal in a day, week or even a year. Every hour of practice, bodywork, healing session, yagya or vision quest brings you another step further in your process of evolution. You have a very long journey ahead of you. Keep putting one foot in front of the other by taking constructive steps that make healing possible. Do your practice and make use of the tools and resources that are available to you.

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