The father of a friend was passing blood in his urine and experiencing a great deal of pain resulting from the malignant tumors growing in his bladder. He was not at all familiar with the traditional forms of healing practiced by the Native Americans, but his son and daughter were telling him “Dad …Just try it.”

My friend’s father was up and out of bed and pain free after the healing session. My friend told me that her father had gone out to shoot pool with his son and was making little trips through Kansas and Missouri to see friends and family members. I had only one opportunity to work with my friend’s father. He wasn’t willing to deal with the issues and emotions that were surfacing afterwards, but that one session put him into remission for six months.

Crossing over

Healing does not always mean that the person will recover physically. There are instances where I’m working with someone and get a very strong feeling that it’s just their time to go. It’s important for me to remain open and to do whatever I can to facilitate whatever process needs to occur.

I received a phone call some years ago from a woman whose mother was dying of pancreatic cancer. Damita told me that her mother was experiencing excruciating pain and asked if I could help. I told her that I would do whatever I could.

Damita took me into the room where her mother was lying in bed and I could see that Isabella was about to die. The doctors had Isabella on a very high dose of morphine to ease the pain and that left her fairly incoherent.

Isabella’s body was very weak and all of her defense mechanisms were down. That made her very responsive to the healing process that was taking place. I could feel that Isabella was processing many years of old emotions and life experiences. I knew that she could go at any moment, so I asked her telepathically to wait until after I left.

Isabella looked much better after the session. She was able to speak coherently with me, Damita and her son-in-law and went to sleep soon afterwards. I stayed a while longer to talk with Damita and then I went on home.

Damita called me a few days later to say that her mother had passed away later the next evening. She said Isabella had slept soundly through the night and felt good when she woke up the next morning. Damita went on to say that she could see that her mother was at peace and that she spent much of the day sitting up in bed watching the birds. Damita also told me that her mother was able to stand up on her own and took a bath with some help.

Isabella began to experience shortness of breath later that evening. Damita said she could tell that her mother’s spirit was beginning to withdraw from her body starting from the lower extremities and then moving upwards. Isabella then gracefully left her body. Damita thanked me for helping to ease her mother’s transition.

Working with the terminally ill can be very difficult at times. The person I’m working with and the family can be very fearful and upset. The person who is dying is often doing everything they can to hold on. The experience can be very traumatic and cause tremendous hardship for the family. I often end up working to help the whole family move through the transition.

Some people refuse to accept the fact that they’re dying and will deny it right up till the very end. Sometimes their unwillingness to accept death and determination to fight is what enables them hold on. I do whatever I can to support the individual and to allow them to be where they’re at in their process.

Bone marrow cancer

Sarah had been given only two years to live at the time she was diagnosed with bone marrow cancer. I began to work with her shortly afterwards. Painful memories of being sexually abused by her father began to emerge during the sessions. She gradually worked through the painful feelings and memories and came to a place of acceptance.

Sarah developed a form of lymphoma after ten years. I saw her soon after she was diagnosed and it was obvious that her grasp on life was very tenuous. It appeared that we were just about to lose her, but Sarah rebounded after a few sessions.

Sarah began to retain fluid in her abdominal cavity. She had to wear maternity pants because her stomach had become so distended. I was only able to make it back to Kansas City twice a year at that time. Sarah’s stomach would flatten out after the first two sessions and then she would go back to wearing her regular pants. Her stomach would be distended again by the time I returned to Oklahoma City six months later, but it would flatten out after a few sessions. The healing sessions helped to keep Sarah alive for another two years. I feel that she may still be alive today if we had the opportunity to work on a regular basis

Sarah’s son took me out to lunch after his mother’s passing. He thanked me saying that both he and his sister realized that they would not have had their mother for this long had it not been for the healing sessions.

Causes and solutions

Cancer is a complex group of diseases with many possible causes. Approximately five to ten percent of all cancers are hereditary. That means that changes or mutations in specific genes are passed down from one blood relative to another. Individuals who inherit one of these gene changes have a higher likelihood of developing cancer within their life time.

Some forms of cancer are thought to be linked to infections. Artificial sweeteners, the preservatives and nitrates found in baloney and salami and ingredients found many other processed foods have also been linked to the development of cancer. Consumer products such as cosmetics and hair dyes also contain ingredients that are carcinogenic. Commonly found cancer causing substances in and around the home include radon, lead and arsenic. Many have been exposed to potentially harmful substances in the workplace such as asbestos, benzene and formaldehyde. The use of cell phones has been linked to the development of cancerous tumors in the brain and other parts of the body that come into frequent contact with these mobile devices.

Normal cells in the body follow an orderly path of growth, division, and death. This programed cell death is called apoptosis. Cancer begins to form when this process breaks down. Cells grow uncontrollably and do not die when this happens. Cancer cells continue to grow and divide and that leads to a mass of abnormal cells that continue to grow out of control.

The human body is made up of over fifty trillion cells that are continuously dividing to keep us healthy. Every person has microscopic cancers growing inside them. Cells that mutate have the potential to become cancerous. The good news is that most of these abnormal cells will never become a threat to our wellbeing because our bodies natural immune system is an excellent defense that guards against cancer. Another defense is our body’s ability to resist blood vessels from growing into and feeding cancers.

Cancerous cells that would otherwise be harmless develop into full blown cancer when they are provoked. Getting too much sun and exposure to cigarette smoke or toxic chemicals found in the home, workplace or environment can provoke the development of cancerous cells.

Taking time to exercise, getting adequate sleep and eating high nutrient foods containing antioxidant and anti-cancer properties such as raw fruits and vegetables can boost our body’s cancer defense systems. Some of the hard cheeses such as Gouda, Edam, Jarlsberg and Emmentaler contain a special type of Vitamin K2 which is a byproduct of the bacteria resulting from the fermentation of the cheese. Vitamin K2 starves cancer cells by inhibiting angiogenesis, which is the process by which blood vessels grow into and feed cancer cells. The natural enzymes contained in raw fruits and vegetables kill cancer cells. Supplements such as pomegranate and broccoli extracts also contain powerful anti-cancer agents.

I’ve had varied success working with cancer. I have on occasion helped people make their transition. The healing sessions help to make the transition more graceful by helping to ease their fears and alleviate any physical pain they may be experiencing. The sessions help people to clear up unfinished business and put their affairs in order. The healing taking place facilitates a reflective process that enables them to make peace with themselves, friends and family and to come to terms with the life they have lived.

Side effects of chemotherapy and radiation

Chemotherapy aims to destroy cancer cells that grow and multiply rapidly. Chemo therapy also affects normal cells resulting in side effects. The side effects of chemotherapy vary with each individual. The nature and severity of the side effects also vary according to the type of chemotherapy received and the duration of the treatment.
One of the most common side effects of chemotherapy is fatigue. Rest does not necessarily relieve this fatigue that can last for days, weeks or even months. Patients who undergo chemotherapy often experience nausea and vomiting. Chemotherapy can sometimes damage the nerves and produce burning sensations, tingling or shooting pain. Pain resulting from chemotherapy is often experienced in the toes and fingers. Another common side effect of chemotherapy is hair loss. Chemotherapy can in some instances cause permanent changes or damage to certain organs.

Radiation therapy used to destroy cancer cells is also very hard on the body. Radiation produces heat not only in the location where radiation is administered, but throughout the body.

The healing sessions help to alleviate the harmful side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. The presence working through me during the individual healing sessions mitigate the damage of radiation and chemotherapy by restoring one’s life force and repairing damage within the physical and subtle bodies. A number of the people I’ve worked with have also told me that they have also regained the cognitive abilities and memory that had been adversely affected by chemotherapy.

I’m working with people with a wide range of health related issues. People have often discontinued with the healing sessions once their symptoms abated assuming that the work was complete. The advantage of doing ongoing sessions is that it continues to build up the immune system and is therefore more likely to prevent the cancer from returning.

I’m very cautious about making promises. In many instances I can see the presence working through me during the individual healing sessions working to boost the immune system and stop the growth of cancer cells. The healing sessions have kept some people with aggressive cancers alive for as long as they continued to work with me. The sessions have held the cancer at bay or put people into remission for extended periods of time. And some have told me that their tumors have completely dissolved.

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