Longhorn Mountain
Longhorn Mountain is located fifteen miles Southwest of Mountain View, Oklahoma in Kiowa County. Longhorn Mountain has been used by the Kiowa, Comanche, Apache and other surrounding Plains Indian tribes for prayer, the vision quest and events of other religious significance. Native people also go to pray for their families in times of illness and death. Native people fast for four days and nights upon Longhorn with only a blanket to shield them from the elements. They prayed continually during this time with no food or water.

Cedar from Longhorn Mountain is cut from the trees and dried to be used in the religious ceremonies or in homes for purification. Longhorn cedar is used today in every traditional Kiowa home. The cedar is dried and then prayed over before being used. Tribes all over the United States use the cedar from Longhorn Mountain. And some travel great distances to gather Longhorn Cedar.

The majority of the “slick hills” west of Apache and south of Carnegie are now covered with wind turbines. The mountain immediately to the west of Longhorn has nearly been strip mined to the ground by the rock crushing company Dolese. The natural beauty inherent in this region of Oklahoma is being destroyed.

Longhorn Mountain is currently facing a serious threat. The farmers that currently own the western half of the mountain have leased the land to Stewart Stone of Cushing Oklahoma, a rock crushing company that would strip mine the Kiowa tribe’s sacred Longhorn Mountain turning it into the gravel that is used to pave our highways. The destruction of Longhorn Mountain would be a tragic loss and an act of cultural genocide perpetrated against the Kiowa people and all traditional Native Americans.

Longhorn Mountain has tremendous spiritual significance and is considered to be the most sacred of all sites by the Kiowa people of Oklahoma and is still used for the vision quest. Longhorn is one of the very few sacred sites located in the state of Oklahoma where Native Americans go to do the vision quest.

The destruction of Longhorn Mountain would be a tremendous historical loss for the state of Oklahoma. And it would be an especially devastating loss to the Kiowa, Comanche and Apache and traditional native people from other tribes that hold Longhorn Mountain sacred. Please do whatever you can to help us to protect Longhorn Mountain by having it declared both a historical and sacred Native American site.

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