Automobile accidents can cause a wide range of injuries to virtually any part of the body depending on the nature and severity of the impact. Head and brain injuries ranging from a mild concussion to traumatic brain injury (TBI) often occur when the brain is jostled inside the skull as a result of the impact of the crash. Neck injuries such as whiplash, neck strain and more serious injuries such as herniated disc and back injuries such as sprains, strains, fractures, disc injuries resulting from the torque of the driver’s and passenger’s bodies can cause long lasting pain and discomfort. Facial injuries such as scrapes, bruises, lacerations, fractures and jaw and dental injuries are frequently caused by impact with the steering wheel, dashboard, windshield, airbags, car seats and shattered glass. Drivers and passengers involved in serious automobile accidents and especially those resulting in severe injuries and even loss of life often experience short and long term emotional-psychological distress and may even suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Aden was seriously injured after being hit broadside while moving through an intersection by a driver who ran a red light. The impact of the collision was so great that it snapped his seat belt. Aden flew up into the air and then landed on the pavement. He remembered floating up out of his body momentarily and seeing people standing around and looking down at him as his body laid there on the pavement.

I first learned of the accident from Aden’s sister and later inquired about him when ran into his mother while shopping at Wild Oats market in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Aden’s hip was broken during the accident and much of the flesh on his right outer thigh was worn away when his body slid on the pavement. His body was hunched over and he was experiencing a great deal of physical pain. I sat Aden down in a chair in the Wild Oats market and went to work. Aden’s response was “Wow …this is the first thing that has helped me. Physical therapy has felt like torture. But I could feel the pain being pulled out of my body as you were working on me.”

Aden had me come over to his home to work with him. The “road rashes” shrunk dramatically in size. And he was able to go back to work at his construction job after the first session.

Injuries to the spinal cord

Duane suffered serious injury to the spinal cord as a result of a head on. Duane didn’t remember much of the accident except for the short time that he regained consciousness as he was being loaded into the ambulance. Duane told me that the headband he was wearing at the time of the accident ended up getting stuck in the broken glass when his head slammed up against the windshield.

Duane had been going for Chiropractic adjustments two or three times a week to help him manage the pain at the time I began to work with him. He was forced to call out of work on many occasions because the pain was so incapacitating. Duane gradually improved as we continued to work together. The pain and other physical discomforts subsided as his spinal injury healed.


I suffered injuries to my neck and upper back after being broadsided by a driver who ran a red light. I had received numerous deep tissue massages and chiropractic adjustments and yet I still experienced a great deal of discomfort. I was hit a second time from the rear while traveling across country. Fortunately, I was able to spend some time with a Kiowa-Apache medicine bundle being kept by a friend when I stopped off in Oklahoma. I felt as if the room were spinning around me as I placed my hands on the sacred bundle. I could feel the presence residing within the bundle working to heal the injuries in my neck and upper back. My injuries healed completely later on as I went through the vision quest.

American Indians relied upon the forces of nature to effect healing within the body and mind that would not have otherwise been possible. Gifts of healing that were passed down over time were transmitted directly from an older traditional doctor to a younger apprentice. One then had to go alone into the mountains to fast for four days and nights without food and water to earn the right to work with these gifts of healing. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to train with Horace Daukei, one of the last surviving traditional doctors among the Kiowa tribe.

The subtle bodies which are comprised of the chakras and layers of the aura are not perceived by most people and yet they are an essential part of the infrastructure that facilitates consciousness. The subtle bodies also support the structure and functions of all the body’s organs and systems. The chakras and layers of the aura are often seriously damaged as a result of the impact of an automobile accident. Much of the damage to the subtle bodies does not heal on its own.

The first layer of the aura consists of a fiber like grid or meshwork that mirrors the structure of the physical body. This layer of the aura helps to maintain the structure and functions of the various cells, organs and systems. The grid like structure in the first layer of the aura helps to maintain alignment and facilitate the cohesive interplay between of the skeletal structure, ligaments, tendons and musculature. The first layer of the aura also helps to conduct the subtle life force to all the various cells and organs throughout the body.

The traumatic impact of a collision often tears the first layer of the aura and in some instances rips it away from the physical body. That’s part of the reason why the spine keeps coming out of alignment and people have to keep going back in for adjustments.

The physical and subtle bodies serve as a form of protective boundary that helps to give us some sense of a coherent structure and meaning in our lives. It also helps us to contain the stressful memories and emotions that we have not been willing or able to deal with. All kinds of residual memories and emotions can leak out when our defensive structures break apart as a result of an automobile accident. That can greatly contribute to our sense of vulnerability and overwhelm. The shock resulting from the impact of an automobile crash, damage to the physical and subtle bodies and the resulting physical pain can also cause us to dissociate and feel a sense of disorientation.

The individual healing sessions greatly accelerate the healing process. They also facilitate certain aspects of healing that would not otherwise happen on their own. The presence working through me surgically repairs damage within the physical and subtle bodies. Physical pain and shock resulting from the traumatic impact are neutralized so the experience can be fully processed and the body and mind can heal. The sessions help those injured in automobile accidents to become firmly rooted in their bodies and digest the emotional aspect of the trauma and other subsequent emotions that surface.

Broken bones that are not set right do not heal properly. A broken bone may turn or twist during the healing process or end up being shorter than the other. I encourage people who have been injured in an automobile accident to work with me immediately afterwards when the body-mind is most responsive to healing if at all possible to ensure that damage within the physical and subtle bodies can be repaired. Although many who were suffering from chronic injuries resulting from accidents that had occurred months or years prior have still derived tremendous benefit from the healing sessions. I also recommend that people do as many sessions as they can immediately afterwards to derive greater benefits of the healing.

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Ben Oofana is a healer who began his training with Horace Daukei, one of the last surviving traditional doctors among the Kiowa Indian tribe. To learn more or to schedule a private session call (913) 927-4281